18 Inch Crazy Color Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

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Crazy Color Keratin Fusion Extensions – Shown in BLUE

  • Straight Texture 18″ Long
  • 25 strands per bundle
  • Available in Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Light Pink, Teal, Silver, and Lilac.

Please refer to Aqua Hair Extensions color ring for exact color matching.

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Aqua Hair Extensions Fusion System features our unique keratin fusion bond.

This strand-by-strand system is applied with the use of melting the keratin bond with a fusion gun on to the client’s hair. The keratin fusion bond is made with Italian keratin and provides a long lasting bond. The bonds are square shape keratin fusion for easier application. The keratin hair extensions can be worn for an average of 4 to 6 months before removal is required.

Aqua Hair Extensions’ unique advanced two-step hair process technology:

On the first step, the hair is treated for 12 hours in a nutrient-rich solution, which protects the hair‘s cuticle during the processing (lifting). On the second Aqua Hair Extensions is using a 21-day lifting process, which is much slower and gentler than traditional methods thereby preserving the integrity the hair cuticle.

This product is offered at 18” long, straight hair texture in various colors: Pink, Light Pink, Red, Blue, Purple, Teal, and Silver. Each bundle has 25 strands.

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Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Light Pink, Teal, Silver, Lilac

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