18 Inch Crazy Color Tape In Hair Extensions

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Aqua Hair Extensions Tape-in

  • Straight Texture.
  • 18″ Long.
  • 4 pieces per pack.
  • Each tape is 1.5 inch wide.

*Please refer to Aqua Hair Extensions color ring for exact color matching.

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Aqua Tape-in Hair Extensions are the fastest way to apply a full head on the market, the entire application takes less than one hour. Tape-in Hair Extensions are made with 100% human Remy hair (we never blend any synthetic hair or non-Remy hair). Aqua unique advanced two-step hair process technology.

On the first step, the hair is treated for 12 hours with a nutrient rich solution which protects the hair‘s cuticle during the processing (lifting). On the second Aqua Hair Extensions is using a 21-day lifting process, which is much slower and gentler than traditional methods thereby preserving the integrity the hair cuticle. This product is offered at 18” long, straight hair texture with different colors: Red, Pink, Blue, Light Pink, Lilac, Silver, and Teal. Each pack has 4 pieces which make 2 complete extensions. Each piece is 1.5” wide. We are using tape that is made in USA which is thin and flexible. All the tape-in hair extensions are pre-cut and pre-taped, so no cutting or preparation is needed.

Aqua’s tape leaves little to no residue upon removal. No need for additional glue, heat or tools to apply the hair extensions. We suggest adjusting the tape hair extensions every 6-8 weeks.

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Red, Pink, Blue, Lilac, Light Pink, Silver, Teal, Purple

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