Brent Hardgrave, the Artistic Educational Ambassador for Aqua Hair Extensions. Brent has been a professional stylist and colorist since 1994. He graduated with honors from Capelli, an Intercoiffure School and is considered an expert in the hair extensions arena. His work has been seen in music videos, movies, magazines (including a recent issue of Modern Salon) and on television and high-fashion runways.

Brent has offered hair extensions to his clients for more than 10 years and currently works for the Jamison Shaw Salon in Atlanta, Georgia. Brent’s hair extensions clients include celebrities and the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders.


With nearly 10 years in the industry, holding cosmetology licenses in two different states, Samantha has a true passion for hair extensions and the limitless transformation they can produce. Her constant willingness to grow and transform herself in and out of the industry, shines bright through the fun, creative energy she brings. She loves to share her passion and knowledge with other stylists; “I have the privilege of being a part of the best industry in the world, who’s else can say they make people look and feel beautiful every day? So instead of competing with one another, why not learn from each other and grow together.”