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Our portable, comfortable, and lightweight fusion gun is used to melt the keratin bond onto a client’s hair. Easy to use, the flat, teflon-sprayed tip provides optimal heat transference and rub-resistance during the melting process. Suited for all types of keratin fusion systems, our fusion gun can instantly heat to 80° – 220°C to meet the melting point of any glue or bond.

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Complimentary Pack of 18″ Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions *

Receive a complimentary pack of 18 Inch Straight Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions with the purchase of Aqua Hair Extensions’ Fusion Gun through July & August. For more information about our Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions, click here. *Please refer to the Aqua Hair Extensions color ring for exact color matching.

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Aqua Hair Extensions Fusion Gun is the tool for melting the keratin bond on to the client’s hair. This tool is portable, comfortable, lightweight and very easy to use.


  • Flat Teflon-Sprayed Tip for optimal heat transference and rub-resistance while melting.
  • Suited for all types of keratin fusion systems.
  • Instant heat up from 80 – 220 degrees Celsius to meet different melting points for glues/bonds.

NOTE: Recommended temperature for Aqua Hair Extensions Fusion System is 200 degrees Celsius.

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