Aqua Hair Extensions has launched our Online Hair Extensions Training Course. This new platform offers licensed hairstylists in both the United States and Canada the ability to become certified in Tape-In Hair Extensions wherever they are all from the convenience of a tablet or computer.

The Class is taught online by Brent Hardgrave, the Artistic Educational Ambassador for Aqua Hair Extensions. Brent has been a professional stylist and colorist since 1994. He graduated with honors from Capelli, an Intercoiffure School and is considered an expert in the hair extensions arena. His work has been seen in music videos, movies, magazines (including a recent issue of Modern Salon) and on television and high-fashion runways.

Brent has offered hair extensions to his clients for more than 10 years and currently works for the Jamison Shaw Salon in Atlanta, Georgia. Brent’s hair extensions clients include celebrities and the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders.

Hair Extensions certification is the best way for hairstylists and salon owners to show their clients that they have received the proper education to offer hair extensions services. By proudly displaying their certificate, hairstylists are able to reassure clients of their competency and professionalism. By taking the online training class, the hairstylist is getting exposed to all the information needed to start using the Aqua Hair Extensions tape-in system. The hair extensions class covers: consultation, tape-in application, single-sided tape application, removal, re-taping, cutting and blending hair extensions plus much more.

Brent will share with you many tricks and tips of hair extensions placement, do’s and don'ts with hair extensions and how to educate your clients to properly maintain their hair extensions.

Signing up for the online class will not only get you certified in tape-in hair extensions but you will also join a network of thousands of licensed hairstylists that offer Aqua Hair Extensions which improves revenue for both the salon and hairstylist.


Many such hairstylists start using Aqua Hair Extensions and still choose to get certified with us as they wish to receive the correct education and up-to-date knowledge about how to use our tape-in hair extensions system. They are looking for a professional hair extensions company that consistently offers high-quality hair and exceptional customer service. Aqua Hair Extensions never sells directly to the public. We only sell our hair extensions and accessories to licensed hairstylists and salon owners. Doing business with integrity is a prime consideration for us which benefits our professional partners within the beauty industry.


The series of educational videos cover everything you need to know to get certified and start offering tape-in hair extensions in your salon. We believe this is a great investment to enhance anyone's beauty career. You can make your initial investment back after servicing your first hair extensions client! The tape-in service averages between $600-$800 in the salon, giving the hairstylist a welcome additional income.


After signing up and watching the complete education videos series, you will need to take an online test that contains 20 questions (you will need to correctly answer a minimum of 15 out of the 20 to pass). Please allow 1-2 business days for your test results to be reviewed and four our team to mail the Aqua Hair Extensions certificate (once passed).