Summer Maintenance Card

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Prepare your clients for Summer with Aqua Hair Extensions’ Summer Maintenance double-sided postcards. Maintain and protect your hair extensions from hard water, chlorine, saltwater, and sun exposure. With this tangible maintenance card, your client will have the instructions needed to properly care for their hair extensions in-between Summer visits.

This marketing tool will allow you to guide your clients with proper maintenance care and in turn, prevent future challenges.

Size: 5″ x 7″

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Before Entering Chlorinated Water or Saltwater

  • Soak your hair thoroughly with clean water.
  • Apply Aqua Conditioner or spray Aqua Leave-In Conditioner onto your hair. This will give the hair extensions a barrier of protection by preventing them from soaking up as much chlorine or salt.
  • Put your hair in a ponytail or loose braid.

After Getting Out of the Water


Sun exposure can strip the pigments from extensions – exposing the original undertones. This can cause dryness, frizziness, and tangling. This can be avoided by:

  • Keeping your hair’s sun exposure to a minimum.
  • Using our Aqua Leave-In Conditioner, which was formulated to hydrate, detangle, and fight frizz. With its added UV and heat protection, it will work to restore extra dry and damaged hair.
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