Re-taping Tape Hair Extensions

Aqua Hair Extensions’s tape system can be reused up to three times. To reuse them hair extensions, you will need to use the Aqua Tape Tabs. But before you apply new tape, make sure that the tape hair extensions are dry.

Tape Hair Extensions Removal

To remove the tape-in hair extensions simply spray Aqua Hair Extensions Express Remover above and underneath the tape bonds. Wait 30-60 seconds before gently separating the two pieces of tape by pulling them apart in a top-to-bottom motion. If there is any residue left on the client’s hair, use Aqua Hair Extensions Glide Remover.

Express Remover & Glide Remover

The express remover solution uses a blend of alcohol and mineral oils, which is sprayed directly onto the bonds of the tape extensions to remove them from the client’s hair. The glide remover solution is an oil-based solution that may be sprayed onto the client’s hair to remove any remaining residue after the client’s extensions have been removed.

Single-Side Tape Application

The single side tape will give you more versatility and flexibility as a hairdresser. Typically, tape hair extensions require two pieces of tape in hair extensions be applied. Using the single side tape is also less damaging, and you can expect it to stay on for 4-6 weeks with proper application.

Application of Tape-In Extensions

Aqua Hair Extensions wants to show you how to properly prepare your client’s hair for hair extension services. The client’s hair should be shampooed two to three times before the extension application. The second segment of the video will show you how to correctly apply the tape-in hair extensions.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you are looking to get longer, fuller hair but don’t want to make the commitment to have them on for weeks at a time, try Aqua Clip-In extensions. They only take a few minutes to put in and only second to take out.

Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

Aqua Hair Extensions Fusion System features our unique Keratin Fusion Bond. The hair can be worn for an average 4 to 6 months because of the high-quality Keratin Fusion Tip that provides a long lasting bond and the square shape keratin fusion tip allows for easier application. This strand-by-strand system is applied by melting the keratin bond with a fusion gun on to the client’s hair.

Cylinder System Hair Extensions

Aqua Hair Extensions’s cylinder system features our unique Duratip, which allows for a strand-by-strand application without glue, heat or chemicals. Instead, small copper cylinders are used to gently bond the extensions to the client’s hair.